Value Chain

The steel industry and suppliers of inputs, services and service are mutually dependent, as well as the product-owners and steel companies. Opening and optimizing the value chain is important for high efficiency, quality and competence, which is one of our focus areas.

Efforts for companies that provide services and services
Innovation for this target group is about creating business models that drive development of both supplier and customer in a manner that increases the level of specialisation, knowledge level and value for both parties.

Efforts for companies with their own products and services
In order to increase the level of innovation within this category, customer involvement is required. Here, product owners collaborate with material and manufacturing suppliers as well as customers in development projects with the task of jointly solving the challenges of the next generation products or services. In larger companies, customers and suppliers can also be in the same company.

In this type of project, the product owner reinforces his customer relationship, the material supplier receives the provision and references for his advanced materials and knowledge of the material properties demanded in the future. The manufacturing supplier gets knowledge of the future technology and knowledge requirements and can use this in his own strategy work. Research becomes demand-driven, leading to increased interaction and co-production of knowledge.