Strategic International Marketing Orientation för SMEs

Project SIMIS for faster and more effective internationalisation of innovative companies was launched in November 2016 with success and great enthusiasm, where concrete questions were asked to companies to start strategic marketing with a clear focus.

Limited market
The Swedish market is limited for high-tech, niche products from the Swedish steel and engineering industry. There are many innovative companies that have a strong growth potential in the international market. Therefore, it is important to develop the companys’ knowledge and expertise in internationalisation. We do this in the SIMIS project by building on each company’s business concept and gradually developing a marketing strategy. The work is supported by researchers from Gävle University, who have sound knowledge of the factors that make Swedish companies successful in an international market. Participating companies are testing and building up a model for effective internationalisation adapted to innovative high-tech companies.

Completely unique technology solutions and processes distinguish the first group of participants, Inresol, Ortic, ScanArc, and Radarbolaget. Each one representing the Swedish innovation force and in demand on the international market.

Proactive and goal orientated
A key issue is to be proactive as companies and to work goal orientated to quickly reach the right position in the desired market. In the project work we take up important aspects of being competitive internationally and creating the conditions for entering into new value chains.

The project started on November 14, 2016 with an initial meeting and discussion about the goal and strategy for successful marketing efforts that will permeate the companies’ value base. The entire project is a full-scale pilot where we build more experience for market orientation of smaller, innovative companies. The result will be a model for small and medium-sized enterprises in the steel and engineering industry for rapid internationalisation through a market-orientated focus throughout the company’s operations.