Project KATIS


a historical and strategic development initiative in Dalarna and Gävleborg

Project KATIS is about creating an international network with expert skills as a support for regional development

Triple Steelix together with Region Dalarna, Gävleborg and Tillväxtverket, will launch an historic and strategic development initiative in 2017 to develop knowledge-building, world-class innovation environments and the attraction of skills to Dalarna and Gävleborg County, thus increasing the attractiveness of a steel and engineering region and raise the outside world’s awareness of this initiative.

Government’s strategy
KATIS covers all relevant parts of the Government’s strategy for new industrialisation, such as the potential of digitalisation, automation, sustainable production, increased resource efficiency, knowledge raising and skills supply, and the development of research and innovation that help to strengthen industrial production of goods and services.

“KATIS is, for Triple Steelix and the region, one of the most historically important projects we’ve rigged. It will lay the foundation for further development of the area as a strong development and innovation-oriented industrial region. It is the fantastic cooperation between the regions that has enabled this project to be started now, “says Larz Ignberg, Director, Triple Steelix which has driven the KATIS project from idea to start-up.

Global competition
Dalarna and Gävleborg County are dominated by an industry that, for the most part, nearly 90%, directly or indirectly, has its business in the global market. This means global competition that imposes high demands on industry’s efficiency, innovation and renewability. In order to meet these requirements, access to skills and research are crucial factors.

KATIS’s major task is to create a strong and international network of partners with relevant expert knowledge environments, closely linked to business and market needs. It gives increased opportunities for Dalarna and Gävleborg County to be the future choice of place for investments and establishments. KATIS is another “piece in the puzzle” of initiatives initiated to maintain the competitiveness of the steel and engineering industry in a global and highly competitive market.

KATIS is about creating a “brand promise” that attracts and can not be borne by individual companies as the regional area of strength is the overall access to actors, knowledge, test environments, skills, approaches, welfare systems, etc., which together and with mutual dependence on each other. It is the whole that creates the brand that creates awareness and attractiveness to the region

Long term initiative
The primary target groups are innovation-driven SMEs, clusters, innovation and knowledge environments, universities, colleges and institutes, financiers and venture capital.

The initiative has been launched immediately and thus Triple Steelix 2.0 has initiated the process of seeking a Development and Innovation Manager to launch the project into a driven and well-functioning business.

KATIS will be evaluated in 2019 for its efforts and results. However, the goal is to remain a strategic long-term regional initiative.


KATIS – Knowledge Development for Advanced Manufacturing in Steel-related Activities


”KATIS’s bigget assignment is to create a strong and international network of cooperation partners, closely linked to business and market needs”

KATIS is funded by Vinnova, Region Dalarna, Region Gävleborg, Tillväxtverket and European Regional Development Fund