- Future value chains for Offshore

Important future role for the Swedish steel industry in offshore renewable energy

Photo: Flowocean AB

Triple Steelix has launched a very important innovation and development project for the development of future sustainable energy. Triple Steelix has gathered several key and leading players to collaborate and run the project, “Future New Value Chains for Offshore”.

Triple Steelix has been granted € 2.25 million for the project by the Swedish Growth Agency out of the European Regional Development Fund, which corresponds to 50% of the project’s total budget. Other financiers are Vinnova and participating parties.

In a previous pilot study, where cooperation between different Swedish regions had been the starting point, ocean-based activities, “blue growth” and, above all, energy recovery from the sea was identified as a potential development area.

Wind, wave and tidal energy
In Sweden there is already an emerging industry where experience and knowledge from the material development side, construction, systems and application, IT and automation, environment and resource efficiency should be used to develop new world-leading value chains in the area. Both on the west and east coasts, companies are at the forefront of systems and applications for wind, wave and tidal power as well as lightweight structures and marine vessels for the marine environment.

The major technical challenges of offshore operations are challenges such as requiring advanced materials and construction technology, logistics and expertise as well as complex systems to be solved efficiently. These are Swedish strength areas that have great potential to evolve into the future new value chains in the area.

By linking companies, academics and organisations with these challenges, Sweden’s leading steel companies, both as material and component suppliers, together with other advanced materials, component and system manufacturers, should be able to generate solutions that are internationally competitive. The work is expected to generate several new projects in which Swedish industry can play a leading role in a globally growing and important area.

The project will run until January 2020, in collaboration with the Triple Steelix /Jernkontoret, Offshore West / SP Sweden Technical Research Institute, Swerea IVF, Automation Region / Mälardalen University, and SSY and contacts will be linked with additional companies with ideas in the field.

To find out more about this project please contact Gert Westergren at Triple Steelix.

Mobile: +46 70 220 71 54


The floating wind aggregate from Sealwirl can be used in deeper water. Photo: Seatwirl
Waves4Power have come a long way towards harvesting energy from the sea in the form of wind or wave power. Foto: Waves4Power (W4P)