About Triple Steelix

Triple Steelix is a regional development initiative in Sweden. Its strategic goal is to make the steel industry of Bergslagen, successful as it already is, even stronger through an effective interaction between industry and commerce, scientific research and the wider community.

The Triple Steelix approach is unique, both with reference to Bergslagen – heartland of mining and metallurgy – and for Sweden as a whole. Its unique character stems from the organisation’s role as a co-ordinating platform.  The accent is on building partnerships with many stakeholders whose different needs and ideas can be matched up in a way that generates both innovation and renewal.

The way that Triple Steelix operates has been shown to be successful and many of those involved have been able to develop their infrastructure in the region. The goal is for everyone to benefit from Triple Steelix, namely the business sector, higher education, the wider community and, not least, the individual citizens of Bergslagen.

Triple Steelix vision:  To be a centre of excellence and innovation for advanced steel

Triple Steelix mission: To increase the attractive power of the region through research, innovation and development work within and between companies, the higher education sector and society as a whole.

For small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Bergslagen, Triple Steelix means:

  • • Direct access to wide-ranging knowledge about steel and steel processing
  • • Access to an extensive contact network
  • • Opportunity to have new ideas tested by researchers and through experimental  activities
  • • Increased competitiveness via maximising resource efficiency and the    development of products, processes and applications
  • • Help in developing business strategies, production and marketing

For the region as a whole, Triple Steelix means:

  • • Growth in companies which leads to economic growth for Bergslagen
  • • Competitive companies that provide more secure jobs
  • • Long-term investments in research and technical development

Triple Steelix encompasses the municipalities of three Swedish counties: Dalarna, Gävleborg and Västmanland. Region Dalarna, Region Gävleborg and Region Västmanland as well as higher education institutions in the region are all involved with this platform.

Jernkontoret, the Swedish steel industry’s representative organisation, is the principal for Triple Steelix.

VINNOVA co-funds the work of Steelix up to and including 2018. This support owes much to the commitment demonstrated by Region Dalarna, Region Gävleborg and Region Västmanland as well as the municipalities and companies concerned. Not least this support has materialised due to Triple Steelix being able to show, over a period of 14 years, that we have made a real difference for Bergslagen.

The large steel producers, together with about 200 small and medium-sized companies connected with the steel and metallurgical industries, participate in the work undertaken by Triple Steelix. Existing networks in the steel industry, both informal and more established ones, play a key role for Triple Steelix.

We look forward to continuing robust development in 2018 and beyond.