To our collaboration partners and all other interested parties

Triple Steelix 2.0 is now approaching the end of a long era as a Vinnväxt initiative, where Vinnova has been part of the funding. During Spring and Autumn 2018 we have visited our partners and discussed Triple Steelix’s future. We have received good input and this has been used to formulate Triple Steelix’s next phase.


Our financiers for 2019 and 2020 are Region Gävleborg, Region Dalarna, the Swedish Agency for Growth S3 and the Swedish steel industry. Our project applications have been recently approved by the parties and we are looking forward to new exciting progress in the coming years.


Triple Steelix’s new host organisation is IUC Dalarna, after being owned by Jernkontoret, the Swedish steel producers’ association until now. During the project period, we will form a financial or charitable association, which is planned to be our long-term organisational form.


On November 28, we moved to Dalarna Science Park where we now ”live with” IUC, ITS Dalarna, FindIT, etc. We will also be present at Sandbacka Park and Västerås Science Park. This is part of our strategy of working in the same environments as our colleagues in the innovation and business development system. The goal is that we can collaborate more easily and bring together the many different skills needed for the projects being conducted. We are simply optimising the system.


Ongoing projects for which Jernkontoret is a company signatory will continue to be operated under Jernkontoret’s ownership until the projects have been completed. Examples are the PIMAP, FORT and KATIS projects that are of long-term character and, among other things, aim to expand the opportunities for access to world-class skills in key areas of need, as well as international networks for small and medium-sized enterprises in the growth phase. This includes our major events, such as the summer academy YCEAS and the HTSC steel conference.


From the start of January 2019, our organisation will consist of 3.5 full-time positions. We collaborate with the IUC regarding certain functions and competencies.


We are looking forward to 2019 and the next phase of Triple Steelix.


Larz Ignberg & Tiina Ohlsson

Directors, Triple Steelix