Invitation to the SmartSteel Challenge with SSAB and Sandvik

Now is the time to remind your network of the SmartSteel Innovation Challenge related to the tracing and identification of steel products, which we are organizing together with SSAB and Sandvik Materials Technology. The winner(s) will have a chance to work with SSAB and Sandvik and join them in the next stage in the SmartSteel project. This means a possibility for funding and access to extensive contact networks! Proposals can be submitted by 2nd November!


SmartSteel Innovation Challenge is looking for new ideas for tracing steel

In the SmartSteel Innovation Challenge, SSAB and Sandvik Materials Technology are looking for ideas to create a unique fingerprint-like identifier that makes tracing of steel products possible. Companies and research groups of all sizes are welcome to participate. The challenge is part of the SmartSteel project related to PiiA, Process Industrial IT and Automation, a Swedish strategic innovation program.


The ideas can be related, but not limited to Metallurgy (material characteristic), IT (blockchain, digital twin, artificial intelligence), Mechanics (metal production and refining), Chemistry (adding traceable material, chemical DNA), Marking, Sensing (measuring a unique identifier), etc.


The winner will get the chance to develop the idea in a long-term partnership with SSAB, Sandvik Materials Technology and PiiA, with access to vast business knowledge and international customer networks.


The challenge is organized by the leading Nordic innovation consultancy Spinverse. Submission of proposals is open until November 2, 2018.


More information on how to participate: