Building valuable connections – YCEAS 2018

After three successful and highly valued international summer colloquiums, and with a growing global network, Triple Steelix arranged the fourth Young Global Center of Excellence in Advanced Steel, inviting PhD students from across the world working in the fields of steel processing techniques and advanced steel properties (special steel, high strength steel, stainless steel) This year, nine international PhD students from different countries and universities attended the two-week colloquium in Bergslagen, Sweden.


“YCEAS is a co-operation between academy, industry and society to contribute to the continuing successful industrial development of the Bergslagen area and Sweden. In a broader perspective, we are aiming to build a global center of excellence for advanced steel for the development of the future technology, materials, processes and applications based on steel,” explains Tiina Ohlsson, Deputy Director, Triple Steelix.


“The YCEAS summer colloquium showcases Sweden’s leading companies and Bergslagen internationally as an attractive industry, employer and region. It also contributes to building strategic research alliances and strengthening relations with leading universities worldwide. And, to the building of the global research network, ‘Young Global Center of Excellence in Advanced Steel’, continues Tiina.


“For the PhD students, YCEAS offers a unique opportunity to meet some of the most renowned research and innovation teams from some of the world’s leading companies and universities specialising in advanced steels. The intensive program includes knowledge exchange, industrial visits and social activities. Participants also get a unique insight into living and working in Sweden. And, it’s a great opportunity to build a valuable professional and personal network,” adds Tiina Ohlsson.


“During the two-week program from Monday 27th August to Friday 7th September we visited multiple SME’s, specialised steel manufacturing companies, incubation centres, science centres, municipalities, and universities. From experiences such as tasting the Swedish delicacy Surströmming, tours of large-scale stainless-steel manufacturing, research laboratories pushing the boundaries, to concluding the programme on an optimistic note with positive messages expressed at the High Tech Steel Conference; we have gained a considerable amount of knowledge of Sweden and the steel industry,” add this year’s very pleased PhD students. “The scale, energy, momentum, skill, experience and knowledge exhibited to us over the two weeks required in steel making has left a lasting impression in our minds. We feel that you have created ambassadors to the Swedish steel industry, whatever career choices we decide upon in the future.”


“It´s great fun to get to know these young engineers who have such a promising future in the steel industry. And, we will most certainly meet again in other places and forums,” says Gert Westergren, Triple Steelix, who accompanied this year’s participants on some of the study trips.


“YCEAS is a fantastic way for young researchers to get in touch with our global leaders in advanced steel production, as well as learning about living and working in our country. This was the fourth year we ran this event and it has consistently been rated “fantastic” by the participants. The long-term effects we hope will be more cooperation and an increased attractiveness for our steel industry, work environment and regions,” adds Tiina.


“We thank the participating academy, companies and municipalities who very dedicated and generously made the weeks so interesting and valuable for the students,” says Tiina.


This year’s students also express their thanks and appreciation to Triple Steelix Partners, “We would like to offer our thanks for the hospitality you offered that exceeded our expectations. It is clear Sweden’s steel industry is bright, innovative, and advancing; and we are excited by the potential collaborative opportunities that may arise.”


YCEAS 2018 PhD Students

Shashank Ramesh Babu – University of Oulu, Finland

Thomas P. Davis – University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Pooria Nazem Jalali – KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Jianling Liu – KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Maxwell K. Micali – University of California, Berkeley, United States of America

Sunati Mohanty – National Metallurgical Laboratory, India

Biraj Kumar Sahoo – National Metallurgical Laboratory, India

Minal Shah – National Metallurgical Laboratory, India

Snehashish Tripathy – National Metallurgical Laboratory, India


YCEAS 2018 Partners



‘If you would like to know more about YCEAS and/or follow the PhD students during their two weeks in Sweden – visit at YCEAS and LinkedIn.